About me

My creative pursuits have led me across the country many times, as a touring musician, digital designer, and photographer.

Chris Groch Photography began in 2012, taking photos for businesses and properties for Google and Apartment Guide. As of 2017, we have now shot 750+ commercial and residential properties for Realtors, property managers, and builders across the US. 

In 2016, we acquired our first Phantom drone, unlocking a whole new world of opportunity in aerial photography. The innovation happening in the drone space right now is very exciting to watch and also be a part of. This new tool in the toolbox is every bit as important as the DSLR in telling the story.

In addition to architecture, I also enjoy other areas of photography. Here are other collections of my work: TravelEditorial, & Headshot.

Chris Groch is fully licensed by the FAA (Part 107) and NCDOT to operate drones commercially in North Carolina, and insured for liability.